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First annual Dash conference in London – Key takes from the event

The digital currency Dash held its first conference at the Oval Space in London on 24 September, 2017. In the presence of hundreds of attendees, the conference announced several forthcoming integrations.

The event was funded via a treasury proposal and sold more than 550 tickets. Amongst the attendees, including both DASH fans and industry leaders, were there with a purpose to unite with DASH over innovative ideas and content with a shared goal to successfully mobilise the DASH community in the UK and Europe.

Aside from the physical attendees, hundreds more across the globe watched the conference streamed live. Over 800 people watched the live streaming on Twitch, the current view count crossing 10,000. YouTube also attracted over 500 live, currently crossing 6,000 views for the first part of the stream.

With a crystal clear objective and a captive audience, DASH CEO Ryan released his exciting and imminent integrations encompassing, but not limited to;

* Global brokerage service with free bank transfers
* New exchange integrations
* Access to 20 new fiat currencies
* Additional ATM manufacturer
* Integration with several large retailers
* Healthcare integration

This leads up to our first key question of why now is the right time to buy and sell your Dash peer-to-peer.

The first and foremost intention behind a peer-to-peer network is to avoid risks associated with centralization. Having a single point of failure, they may be centrally shut down, hacked or tempered easily. Alternatively, peer-to-peer platforms may have some elements of centralization, such as liquidity or holding customer funds, but they are very few and thus safer.

Centralized exchanges are obliged to collect customer identification documents under KYC regulations, risking privacy. Nothing of this sort exists with peer-to-peer exchanges, so they consequently seem a more desirable choice for trading Dash without revealing the financial or legal identity of a trader.

Unlike centralized exchanges, peer-to-peer networks ensure universal access. Thus, users are able to trade directly, preserving universal demand and liquidity. This allows Dash to spread more quickly in underserved areas in response to rising demands.

The market is favorable for Dash as it is growing in leaps and bounds. It has crossed the value of $200 from $11 as noted in the beginning of 2017. With a market cap of over $1.5 billion, it is currently the fifth largest Altcoin.

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