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Dev Update #1: Libralcoins update as of Oct’18

Liberalcoins update as of October 2018

Liberalcoins is continuing building a future of crypto-trading. Part of our efforts is to improve the trading experience further and to integrate features useful to traders.
The development updates listed below reflect some improvements that have been integrated into the platform in the past couple of weeks.

Please take note that we do continuous integrations; more changes and fixes are iterated for release, some of which may not be included in this update.

Platform Updates

1. Monero subaddress feature fully integrated

We’re excited to share that we have successfully integrated Monero subaddresses. There are some clear benefits to using subaddresses as they are useful for maintaining your privacy. This type of address is an extension of a wallet address generated by the user. In Liberalcoins users can generate a new Monero address for each new transaction by using the generate button or by using a secure QR code.
Liberalcoins continues to support previous Monero standard addresses using a payment ID to associate a user with a Deposit.

2. Telegram integration

Users can now benefit from the integrated Telegram feature and communicate with buyers/sellers directly through the messaging app. On Liberalcoins, users can generate a code that synchronises with the Telegram app to enable encrypted messaging access between two trading parties. This feature will offer a more private and detailed notification setting. You do not need to register your phone anymore to receive real time notifications for messages and transactions.

You can find your telegram settings at

3. New deposit, withdraw and wallet history page

We’ve simplified the wallet layout page to make it easier to review new deposits, withdrawals, historical actions and manage your wallet. With this update, we separated the deposit, withdraw and history page. This makes it easier for users to find the desired wallet function. The updated design focus is on one single page displaying the balance and allowing you to perform actions.

4. Further UI improvement

We have also worked on the setting page and consolidated all notification setting features into one page to make selecting and changing notification easier. This is part of our continuous effort to better our customer experience and to make the UI more user-friendly and supportive.

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