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Liberalcoins UX release

Redesigning a website is a challenging task, especially considering the complexity and richness of the displayed data, the necessity to fully understand a trader’s mind and the impact it will have on the overall trading efficiency.

So, first off, why the redesign? There is always the battle of user experience, brand recognition and of course personal taste. The redesign follows a busy couple of weeks for the startup; from building a community, engaging with people in real life and on social channels, but most importantly listening to the feedback received from those early adopters.

This redesign is an early but significant step in further following our mission to create a platform that allows for maximum flexibility, security, freedom and privacy for trading digital
currencies. This also means adjusting the user experience and understand the
value and power of an intuitive cryptocurrency trading platform.”– Liberalcoins
founder Simon Lange.

Having released the product earlier this spring, we had begun to gain an understanding of what it takes for traders to place an advertisement on and trade coins peer-to-peer or via digital payment methods. We took these learning into the first stage of our immersion process – why people trade, what makes them join and created the balance with this first iteration.

What made the new design stand out?

Being UX driven, it’s not surprising that the enhancements focus on making it easier and quicker for users to find what they need on the platform, and this includes:

  • Better discoverability of advertisement and trading
  • More uniformity across core functions
  • Intuitive workflows for trades

The redesign for this iteration focused on homepage, exchange page, personal dashboard, support page and wallet.

One of the most noteworthy new additions to the revamped Liberalcoins website is the enhanced support page that includes an immediate support ticket system and FAQ section. Users can get in touch by emailing or sending a ticket directly to our support team. All previous tickets are also listed on the page for reference purposes.

Another point during the process, we did our best to develop a dashboard that conveys all traded currency assets in one single interface which is essentially the ultimate tool to advertise, manage and exchange Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Since Liberalcoins wants to bring an enhanced way of peer-to-peer trading to the market, we couldn’t simply imitate other trading platforms in the same space. We needed to celebrate what makes Liberalcoins unique, but do it in a way not to distract from the purpose of the website keeping the trader in mind. This required us to dig deep into what values Liberalcoins brought and to listen to traders locally and across the globe about their needs, rather than simply eyeing what other players in that space are doing. Take the way our exchange page is represented on the platform. After searching for a currency, our search result pages are dominated not only by the results but also by a summary of current and previous trades keeping in mind that the website is offering the lowest fees in the market!

As we were thinking about the exchange page experience, we also wanted to reflect a clean personal dashboard page and redesigned how personal assets are displayed. In the end, we added the balance information as the larger block on the page and kept the transaction information below.

When designing for a unique audience, it’s surprisingly easy to let go of your own identity to quickly become what people are used to. It is important during the early days to take some time and clearly understand who we are, what we represent, and what our potential users need.

Through our first UX iteration, we put traders at ease with clear expectations and set the tone for the experiences on the platform, creating a trusted environment for traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency. As the website grows, we will continue to make it a priority to connect with our users and further encourage the community to share their needs and what is important to them feedback.

We’re only getting started

Liberalcoins is bringing cryptocurrency traders from all over the world together, creating a secure environment for people to trade cryptocurrencies locally peer-to-peer or through alternative payment options. The road to enable an alternative peer-to-peer trading platform for Bitcoin and Altcoin has only began. Our goal is to further listen to the community and to work on the product to where we can try bold ideas while holding true to our product differentiation. We’ll continue to share our lessons, and we would love to hear from you and how our redesign efforts appeal to you.


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